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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Create a pair of cameo style earrings with suspended strands of beads. By Nicky Townsend

Nicky is a jewellery designer and PMC artist from Leicestershire. She creates bright, bold and chunky pieces of jewellery that are made to be admired and stand out in the crowd. Nicky teaches jewellery making workshops from the Magick Minx Studio in Hinckley, Leicestershire and also runs a website where her work is available to purchase.

Create this beautiful pair of vintage style earrings using brass, glass and
a couple of Fimo roses. I made the cameos myself using cabochon settings and copyright free images but you can easily buy ready made ones to use in your project. I chose colours of avocado, cream and pink but you can use any colour you like to create your vintage inspired earrings. 


  • 2 x Fimo roses or focal beads
  • 2 x cameos with a filigree setting
  • 2 x 2" eyepins
  • 50 x 4mm glass beads
  • 25 x 1" headpins
  • 20 x 1" eyepins
  • Fancy chain
  • 1 pair of earwires
  • Swarovski connector chain or similar
  • 10 x 4mm jumprings

Designer Tips:

Asymmetric or odd earrings are on-trend at the moment, why not make each one of your earrings different? 

The crystal connector chain links that I used are difficult to find, the ones I used were taken from recycled pieces of jewellery from charity shop finds

Why not replace the cameos with crystal encrusted pendants
or charms. Charity shops and car boot sales are excellent places
to find vintage jewellery, which can be taken apart and reused

Step 1

Take a Fimo rose and thread onto an eyepin, trim the pin to around 1cm and then turn a loop in the other end of the eyepin. You will then need to connect the top of your cameo to the bottom of the rose with a jumpring.

Step 2

Using 1" headpins and a selection of 4mm glass beads, thread each bead onto a headpin and create a turned loop with each. Open up each turned loop and attach randomly to a length of chain.   

Step 3

Attach the length of chain to the centre point at the bottom of the cameo using a jumpring.

Step 4

Take five 4mm glass beads and thread each one onto an eyepin. Turn a loop at the other end. Connect each of the five beads by the loops on the end of the eyepins. Thread a 4mm glass bead onto a headpin and create a turned loop. Add this to the strand of connected beads. Attach strand next to the chain from the previous steps using a jumpring.

Step 5

Repeat step 4 to make another strand of linked glass beads and attach this to the opposite side of the chain from step 2. Take two crystal connector chains (or something similar that is sparkly) and to each of the outer sides of the linked beads added previously, attach with jumprings to the cameo.

Step 6

Take an earwire and attach the top loop of the Fimo rose to the loop on the earwire. Repeat each step to make the second earring in the pair.


All findings and chain from: Kitty Pink Ebay store

Cameos and vintage style pendants/charms are available ready
made from Ebay or Etsy

Fimo roses and 4mm glass beads: The Crafty Beggar



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